How To Find WHO GMP Certified PCD Pharma Companies In India?

    WHO GMP Certified PCD Pharma Companies

    Since profitability is the primary concern, you want to partner with the best provider company while running a franchise business. 

    It is not just the question of investment that requires you to search for the best PCD Pharma Company. It is also because the business you will be dealing with is related to the health and well-being of others.

    Therefore, it is very important that you pick a WHO GMP-certified company. Is it a business-critical decision? Yes, it is.

    Importance of WHO GMP Certification

    When you find out a PCD Pharma Company India that got WHO GMP certification, it means you are partnering with a company that is responsible for human lives. It involves the process of manufacturing medicines.

    Certification indicates that the company receives guidelines to adhere to for the health of those who will take the medicines. Both the ingredients, raw material, and manufacturing conditions also fulfill the norms laid down by the certification agency.

    How to find aWHO GMP-certified company?

    • First, you should read the company history. Thankfully, the task has become simple due to digital development. There are many online sources that can help in cross-checking.
    • Does the company offer other pharma products along with WHO GMP formulations? Does it offer a competitive price range that is affordable for a common consumer?
    • Is the company focused on offering safety to end-users and customers? Does it share the safe method and makes safe products?
    • Are its manufacturing plant get the guidance of experts? Is accuracy maintained in making the product?

    If the answer to each of these questions is YES, then you can assume that the pharma company you are partnering with is the best.

    Check documents

    While launching New PCD Companies, you have to be very cautious. Read all regulatory documents well.

    When a PCD pharma company acquired WHO GMP certification, it has to submit several documents to get it. Some of them are Certificate of Analysis and Method of Analysis.

    Along with that, there is a Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product or COPP. You should check the Free Sale Certificate or FCC.

    Ask the company to give copies of these mandatory documents. You can hire a consultant to read and interpret them.

    The purpose of certification is to ensure that the methods used for manufacturing are safe and the products are up to the standard and safe for the people.


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