What is the difference between PCD and third party manufacturing?

    What is the difference between PCD and third party manufacturing

    Experts say that it is critical to choose the right stream if one wants to make a mark in the business. In India, the pharma industry has developed greatly and those who have marched with the pace of it have reaped profits.

    Since the future of this sector is very bright, it is still profitable to launch a business. Whether you open a pcd pharma company or establish a manufacturing unit, there is always a guarantee of success.

    But, many times, people cannot distinguish and differentiate between various business models. If you are also confused between a PCD and a pcd third party manufacturing in India, this blog is just right for you.

    In brief, PCD Pharma companies are companies that provide products to their franchise partners and also distributorship rights and monopoly of marketing for a particular location or geographic area.

    3rd party manufacturing, on the other hand, is a pharma company that gets medications produced with its own brand name from a manufacturing company.

    What is the Difference between PCD Pharma &Third Party Manufacturing?

    PCD Pharma

    PCD word is an abbreviation. It comes from the word Propaganda Cum Distribution. In this model, a pharma company offers marketing and distribution rights to other companies.

    It offers products to the franchise, and depending on the situation, it gives a monopoly right for marketing and distribution rights for a specific geographic area.

    PCD Pharma Company provides products, brand names, and other support to the partner. The business partner is known as a pharma franchiser or PCD pharma Franchise Company.

    Benefits of launching a PCD Pharma company

    The first is scalability.

    As your business grows, you get support from the company to handle the business growth. As a business owner, you need not worry about other things just as visual aids, media coverage, airtime, and other advertising aspects.

    Which company is the best? You need to go through pcd company list in India and pick one that you find suitable.

    Third-Party Manufacturing

    When you have a manufacturing plant for pharma products, the big challenge is how to bring down the manufacturing cost.

    But at the same time, you need to ensure that your customers get the best products. To achieve that, you need a new third-party manufacturing facility.

    Third-party manufacturing units bring many benefits. It manufactures products at a reduced cost. Third-party manufacturing means you get the products made by a third-party company. The benefit of this business model is for customers, who get products at reduced rates.

    The design and brand of the product are owned by you. If there is a compromise in quality or there is any defect, then it is the responsibility of the third-party manufacturer.

    When a pharma company is in the developmental stage, it performs a research and development method. It goes through pcd pharma company product list and then performs the complete product development cycle, that is, process development, production, material acquisition, testing, and so on.

    A third-party manufacturing unit saves us from the burden of setting up the entire production infrastructure.


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