What is the Procedure for Taking Franchise of a PCD Pharma Company?

    What is the Procedure for Taking Franchise of a PCD Pharma Company?

    Procedure for Taking Franchise of a PCD Pharma Company

    The process of taking PCD pharma franchise is detailed but not complex. If you follow the steps properly and go sequentially, then it becomes quite simple.

    What is the concept of the pharma franchise business? When the pharma company and the franchise partner sign a mutual working agreement, it is called a pharma franchise model.

    Pharma company offers products to its franchise partner at the net rate. The responsibility of distributing the products by using the appropriate marketing technique is carried out by the franchise company.

    Hot to win a franchise partnership? Let’s talk about the process in detail.

    #1. Preparation

    As they say, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. One needs to make a proper business plan comprising all the required steps. It includes:

    • Segment-wise product range
    • Targeted channel partners
    • Marketing and promotion strategies
    • Financial and investment planning

    Whether you want to run the business on a part-time basis or full-time; it is essential to mention the mission and target of the business.

    Funds are important to run any business. You need money for business administration, marketing and promotion, salaries, and business expansion.

    Until the PCD Pharma Company starts making a profit, you have to arrange funds.

    #2. Registration and License

    When you launch PCD Pharma Company India, one has to register the company. It is mandatory to take a drug license. As per the rule, the GST number has to be allotted to the business by the authorities.

    All these steps require some time. Hence, it is better to start earlier.

    #3. Choose the Area of Business

    You should decide where do you want to run the business? To understand the market better, one should carry out a survey of competitors. What are the products they are dealing with? What is the pricing structure? What do people talk about the company?

    Also, a list of the leading doctors and retail chemists should be made. Once all this information is ready, it becomes easy to prepare the business plan.

    #4. Preparing the List of Products

    List of products is an integral part of business planning. Which products are preferred by you? Are all of them available?

    You need some time to assess the availability of the products.

    #5. Choose the Company

    Once all the preparation is done, make a list of 4-5 companies and get information about the products and prices. Compare them and pick a pharma company that is suitable as per your needs and capabilities.

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