How do I Start a Pharma Franchise or PCD?

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    7 Steps to Launch the PCD Pharma Company

    Starting a business is a quite exciting idea. In a country like India where the economy is crossing new heights with every passing year, a PCD pharma business or pharma franchise would bring big profits.

    Business experts say that the earlier one starts, the better it is. The competition in this field is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Hence, early birds get benefited.

    In the coming decades, the profit margins will drop further, and it will take more efforts to maintain the bottom line.

    How should an entrepreneur prepare for the pharma franchise business? Here is some valuable information which will help.

    Understand the difference between PCD pharma and Pharma Franchise

    Do not assume that these two business streams are similar. In fac, they are different in several ways. Therefore, it is essential to know about them before moving ahead.

    PCD Pharma

    It is a business with lower sales targets. It operates in a small-scale with a low volume of starting orders. The business segment is for retailers, wholesalers, distributors and medical representatives.

    Since the business volume is low and the initial investment required is less; this business module is ideal for people who can spend less.

    Pharma franchise

    In this business model, not only the sales targets are high, but the order size is also significant. The person who wants to launch the pharma franchise business needs to have at least ten years of experience in the niche.

    It is quite clear that launching a pharma franchise business is more difficult than starting the PCD pharma business.

    Steps to launch the PCD Pharma company

    • You should start searching for the pharma companies that are interested in appointing PCD business partners.
    • Once you find a few companies, then the next step is to compare and shortlist.
    • Get the product list and price list from the pharma company.
    • Talk to the coordinator and get the market agreement prepared. It must contain the terms and conditions in detail. You must remember that there has to be an agreement on terms and conditions.
    • Get the terms of payment and credit policy.
    • Ask for monopoly rights if you feel so.
    • Business targets should be clear and unambiguous. Targets for the first year are relatively low, but they may become aggressive if the competition is fierce.

    These steps are just indicative. To get information in detail, you have to talk to the pharma company.

    Both pharma franchise and PCD business are lucrative and profitable. You need to put sincere efforts to achieve big success.

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