How a PCD Pharma Franchise is Different from a General Pharma Franchise?

    Different PCD Pharma Franchise

    If you think about the pharma industry, then there re several business models. Each model has some unique properties and strong points. PCD pharma, Ethical pharma, and General Pharma franchise are some examples.

    They look similar superficially, but there are minute differences that come out when you look at them minutely.

    This blog is about two important entities- PCD Pharma Franchise and General Pharma Franchise.

    Area of sales

    It depends on the rights given by the franchise provider. PCD pharma business can be started with a small investment. So, the area is also smaller. General pharma covers a wide range of areas for distribution. It requires higher management skills.

    Are you new to the industry? Then, it is better if you begin with a smaller area of distribution. PCD pharma business is ideal for you.

    If you are already doing business and want to take a big leap, then general pharma will be the best. Typically, it demands experience of ten years or more.

    Money required

    PCD pharma is a smaller business. Therefore, it demands lesser money. Also, you need lesser operational expenses to run it.

    Small investors who have limited money should not get into the risk of loss and failure. It is easy to recover small investments easily.

    The general pharma business is bigger. You need bigger workforce to take the business higher. Only experienced players should do it.

    Product catalog

    It is the list of products you offer. If the PCD business is selected, then the list is smaller. Hence, maintaining it is also easier.

    General pharma franchise business demands skills and good software for managing product lists and distribution.

    You are supposed to choose the business stream as per your budget and preferences.

    Business promotion

    PCD franchise business uses the channels of doctors to distribute the products along with resellers and stockiest. It is a large network.

    The general pharma business sells products to resellers and chemists directly.


    It is clear from the comparison that new entrants should follow the path of the PCD franchise business. It requires fewer resources, experience, and efforts. You can expect a better ROI with a lower risk.

    When you are confused, then it is better to ask some expert. A consultant can give the right suggestion after understanding your business aspirations. You can take appropriate action after knowing your strengths and limitations.

    It is the right thing to make informed decisions than taking risks..

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